Alternative Business School - Basement - Alternative Coaching

We coach you before, during and after your studies.

When you want, when you need it!*


During the coaching before your studies, we can give you tips for your idea, record your goals and establish your basic orientation.


The coaching during your studies has the goal to perfect your business plan. We coach you for an excellent foundation.

Alternatively, if you start your studies at Basement without a finished business idea, we will gladly provide you with ideas that you can independently develop to get the best out of your studies. Practice is the best way to learn!

Of course, we can also help you to find ideas. Please contact us beforehand or formulate your request in the registration form.


After your "studies" we will accompany you weekly for 12 weeks. The aim of this coaching is to check the achievement of your goals and to help you to get through your business on your own.

During this time, you also have access to the community and to our network of experts.


If you need specialized help in your industry, please write this down in the form below.


*Our coaching is also optional! For those who do not have enough coaching time, we also offer coaching sessions. These cost $120 per hour or $2 per minute. With minute-based billing.


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