What does it mean to leave the box?

"The box" stands for the normal one. The box stands for the setting: so it is, so it stays, so it must be. "The box" stands for everything that is "cast in concrete".

Let me explain this to you using an example. If we take control of today's Android or iOS operating systems, the touch screen is normal. But as the following picture illustrates, a different control with only 2 rigid positions would be possible.

Alternative Business School - 2Thumbs

So the usual control is not the only way. There are new possible ways - this statement is without evaluation whether this is good or bad. But to leave "the box" costs energy. Energy to think or to think freely.

This "free thinking" is often very difficult when you are in a business, because you need a lot of energy to keep track or to find this overview.


This is where we come into play - your game.


The unique structure of Basement makes it much easier to keep track of your business. With us you can see through your business. And you can use this free energy for what it is all about. Your idea! Your product, your


Clear the way for your thoughts and get started!


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