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Who is the target Group of Basement Knowledge Base?

Virtually every growth and quality-oriented company. But also any start-up company that wants to lay a solid foundation for future growth right from the start.

Growth- and Quality-oriented companies:

The first target group here are companies that need a database anyway. Basemen+ offers all the usual functions of a normal database. Our USP (additional benefit) comes from the understanding database. The second target group are companies (large or small) that work with gig workers, project workers, or freelancers. Anyone who has ever employed external workers knows the misunderstandings that arise in the course of the relationship due to a lack of communication. Basemen+ makes it possible - by giving access - to offer knowledge of companies in a structured way and thus also to understand external (co-)employees company areas holistically. This creates an understanding for the company that this extensive communication with the gig-workers (and other external workers) saves resources.


Above all, knowledge must be well documented and communicated at the beginning. Decisive brainstorming thoughts are lost due to lack of documentation. Basemen+ counteracts this because Basemen+ is scalable right from the start. No matter how large a company is or will be, all areas will find their place in the Basemen+ structure. Basemen+ can also be used as consulting software. By assigning accesses to consultants, structured consulting can take place in a time-saving manner via the feedback function. Thus, consulting is documentable and holistic.

Basemen+ is also ideal for consulting companies to provide clients with a meaningful knowledge database and/or to provide effective advice based on the Basemen+ structure.

More Advantages

Artificial Intelligence

Basement not only convinces with innovative ideas and clean programming. The use of artificial intelligence also supports our goal of becoming the best knowledge database +. This means we are always at the cutting edge, even from a technical point of view.


Basement does not leave you and your users standing in the rain!  We explain our software thoroughly! The explanations in the software explain the structure in detail in advance or during use. Thus we prevent misunderstandings.


Example/demo contents help to deepen even existing, professional knowledge databases. With Basement, the holistic approach brings new, important areas to light. These help to exploit opportunities and minimize risks.


You can add an infinite number of products, services, and financial plans. Of course, you can also fill individual areas as you wish.


The feedback function can help to make it easy for employees to get actively involved and provide valuable tips.

Additional advantage

Basement is based on the model of the Entrepreneur Matrix. This provides a further advantage in that business knowledge can be quickly consolidated through books or individual e-learning courses and seminars. This makes it easy to promote your employees and helps them to improve their own Know-how.

Cloud or Server

Basement is cloud-based.


Join us on this new global path! Meet the growing industry of gig workers with successful communication and save resources and nerves! Start your business in a scalable way, from the beginning! Test us out! And get the most out of your business with a fixed Basement.


*The database program is available for alumni for $24,90 per month.